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RE: LISA 2005 attendees?

Morris, Adam Adam.Morris@providence.org
Mon, 21 Nov 2005 13:00:00 -0800 (PST)

	The Hardware Management Console (HMC) from IBM uses Ethernet on the Power5 but on the Power4 machines used a serial connection... AND the network connection for some activities.  Dynamic LPAR doesn't work on Power4 without a network connection between the HMC and the LPAR.
	Unfortunately if you are partitioning then you need to use the HMC so you don't have a serial console.  The Power4 HMC disabled the serial console as well, and you were in the same boat.  At least the HMC provides the ability for multiple users to use different consoles simultaneously.

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I wonder if its anything like IBM's new POWER5 systems. They use an
ethernet connection now for management versus serial console, though
serial console may still be an option on standalone nonLPARed systems.


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> Brian Sebby wrote:
> > Well, I'm probably a "young whippersnapper", but I really like conserver
> > and we still use it extensively.  I didn't sign up for the class since I
> > have our infrastructure up and running.  Our biggest change, though, is
> > that our newest machines are now using Sun's ALOM hardware, which doesn't
> > really work with conserver.  But as long as we have legacy systems, we'll
> > have conserver around.
> Why not?
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