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Re: LISA 2005 attendees?

Phil Dibowitz phil@ticketmaster.com
Fri, 18 Nov 2005 14:49:30 -0800 (PST)

Zonker Harris wrote:
>   Wow! And Phil's been on the list a few years! :-)

I started young. ;)

I actually gave a talk at LISA... erm.... 2002? "Over-Zealous Security
Administrators Are Breaking The Internet"

> Many replied "How else
> would you do it?" They had started out in shops
> where Conserver was already deployed, and never
> learned about crash carts, didn't have to wrestle
> with serial settings, didn't have to walk or drive
> to other sites when they wanted to check...

Oh, I've done both. Even with conserver crashcarts and stuff are needed.
 When I worked on the 1500 node linux cluster at USC enough stuff had
problems often enough that even with IBM xSeries service processors,
BIOS console redirection, conserver, xcat, network boots for BIOS
upgrades and CMOS settings, and the whole deal we still needed a crash
cart more often than I would have liked... but WAY less often then if we
didn't have console servers.

Phil Dibowitz
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