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Re: SSH performance, CPU speed...

Phil Dibowitz phil@ticketmaster.com
Wed, 9 Nov 2005 11:06:02 -0800 (PST)

Zonker Harris wrote:
>   I've had trouble getting conserver to open 32 SSH sessions
> to individual ports on a Cyclades ACS-32. SSH does take a
> lot of resource on both devices, and (if you plan to keep
> those sessions active for long periods) can require a lot
> of RAM (especially if you tickle a memory leak, since the
> sessions aren't closing, and relinquishing memory).

We certainly have some problems on initial startup, but it all
normalizes after a few minutes and a handful of retries. Conserver's
ability to say "you've retried too many times, I'm suspending you for a
few minutes" is critical in all of this.

So it's not a situation that's unmanagable at the moment, but it's
certainly not optimal.

Of course, at the moment we have 5 cyclades, but are looking to have 48
very soon, which if I didn't split up my conserver boxes would be 2304
ssh sessions from a single box, which is ... not good. ;)

I think your solution is very elegant and I'd love to see that ability
in cyclades and conserver...

Phil Dibowitz
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