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RE: new to console server / client

Zonker Harris Zonker.Harris@bigbandnet.com
Wed, 11 May 2005 13:54:42 -0700 (PDT)

  Umm...I think you missed the target...

  You normally install Conserver on one host, tell it
about all of the serial ports that you'd like to talk to
(via the network to terminal/console server ports, or
using in-machine multiport serial interfaces, etc.)

  You still need to set up a GETTY, configure the boot-loader,
and maybe even configure the BIOS to redirect output
to the serial port (on each machine)...and then connect
those console ports to the terminal/console servers
mentioned above.

  Then, when you invoke the Conserver, it will create
the connections to monitor and log all of the machines
(keeping those logs on the Conserver host).

  You can then use the client to allow users/admins
to connect with these logging sessions, so that the
admins can interact with the machines.

  If you go to my Training and Info web page, you can
find a tutorial from a couple versions back, but this
should still give you a good idea of how these concepts
all play together. :-)



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I don't have much knowledge of console server. and i have a very basic question to ask. my
understanding of setting up console server is:

install conserver on all machines i want to connect to use the console
setup the access control.
start the daemon. now this is a console server.

i can add other console server hostnames to the cnf file on one of console server so that this
will behave as console master and be able to direct connection from client to the right console

then on any machine, install conserver package and use the console client to connect to console

am i getting it right? 

It would be nice to have a setup example for this in the document.