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RE: Proper Break entry for Ctrl-Alt-Del (Rackable Systems)

Zonker Harris Zonker.Harris@bigbandnet.com
Tue, 22 Mar 2005 12:24:13 -0800 (PST)

  Lest I forget, I also wanted to point out the Remote
Management options offered by Rackable Systems...

     (Check out the Flash-driven demo...)

  They have an interface that piggy-backs on one of
the COM ports, provides the ability to power the unit
*on*, *off*, or cycle the power off-on, and also reset
the unit. (It gets power from the PS when the server
is off...) There is also some environmental monitoring
built into the unit, but it can also support external
probes as well. The unit has an LED that can be commanded,
as well as an LCD panel that you can send a message to
(for on-site staff to read) using the console interface.
When the system boots, if the OS console is redirected
to that COM port, it is passed through as well.

  It's a very cool tool, built into the servers, so you
don't need to use one of the rare card slots on a 1-RU
server. If you're looking for new hardware, consider
these as an option to buying a cheaper server plus the 
PC Weasel card.

  The PC Weasel can work in most servers, and it uses 
short cables from the Weasel card to the KBD and Mouse
ports for commanding BIOS and etc., while Rackable's 
Lights Out features are only available on some of their


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On Tue, 2005-03-22 at 11:40, Zonker Harris wrote:
>   Finally, just a reminder about the PC Weasel card, for
> managing PCs at that kind of level *without* special BIOS.
> (http://www.realweasel.com/) While pricey, it lets you
> use a serial console to fuss with BIOS settings, logically
> 'press the reset button', and will also capture the screen
> output of most 'smart' controllers. If you haven't looked
> into these cards, you should at least check out the website,
> and try the demo. (I have no affiliation, but I like the
> implementation! :-)

I'm a happy (individual) customer of the original ISA PC-Weasel.

Going forward, it looks like Intel is pushing the use of IPMI to do this
sort of thing. (including "Serial over LAN").  See

disclaimer: I haven't reviewed the IPMI specs in detail and in
particular I have not personally reviewed its security model..

			(speaking for myself alone)

						- Bill