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Feature Requests

David Ross david_ross@transcanada.com
Tue, 8 Mar 2005 11:32:37 -0800 (PST)

Looking at the TODO file in 8.1.11, it appears someone (Bryan?) has already thought of these things, so maybe I'm just going to add my voice.  We are looking at replacing a rather bloated, expensive commercial application with conserver, but there are a couple of things that would seal the deal:   1)  Centralized logging of consoles.  I guess what I'm looking for is the functionality of syslogd, but of course syslog doesn't have the ability to split the consoles as it is done now.  I in fact, would love to be able to log the consoles to more than one place simultaneously (for backup/audit reasons).  Currently our commercial application does this by running a separate daemon (a different configuration of conserver?) on the "loghost".   2)  Multi-masters.  Our commercial application has the ability to failover between multiple console servers transparent to the client.  DNS aliases work, but as in our environment, DNS refreshes take days to happen.  Not good for emergencies.  I noticed in the docs something about "redirect"ion - is this related to functionality like this??   Thanks for your time!
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