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RE: new to console server / client (ASM, Yech!)

James.Q.L shijialist@yahoo.ca
Thu, 16 Jun 2005 13:32:42 -0700 (PDT)

I have done some testing on conserver with ASM. please see below.

--- Zonker Harris <Zonker.Harris@bigbandnet.com> wrote:

>   First off;  An ASM!! Oh My GOD! :-P
>    (I declared the End Of Life on that during my days
>     at Cisco, in the early 90's! Lots of warts on that
>     unit! Save your pennies, and look for something
>     better, ASAP! :-|

hold it, we have 4 ASMs :)

>   OK, now, let me clarify;
>   1) Which part of Canada are you from? ;-)

Toronto, the center of the... er, never mind :)

>   2) PolyCentre is making the reverse-TCP connections
>      to the ASM, and the ASM is making the physical
>      serial connection with the RJ-11 jacks to your
>      hosts, yes?
>   3) You (or your users) then connect to the Poly Centre
>      in order to communicate with the consoles (through
>      the ASM), have I got that right so far?

>   The ASM should be replaced in this function, since
> the unit has a SEVERE problem passing LOTS of data
> at once. While capable (even in the mid-90's) of being
> a 112-port terminal server, it's top port speed was 
> 38.4 Kbps, but the bigger issues were in Hardware 
> Flow Control, and 'busy' ports...

thanks for the warning. we have been looking for replacements. however, there is no sign as of
though, AFAIK the ASM has been in used for really looong time and working fine.

>   I don't recall if the unit sent Serial BREAK. It was
> early in Sun's life, and I wasn't paying attention to
> that when I did the other testing. My guess is, that
> it DOES send break, too. Bet to replace the ASM with
> something Sun Safe. (See my BREAK testing pages for
> more info. 
> http://www.conserver.com/consoles/BREAK-off/breakoff.html 

I tried sending the break with (ctrl ecl 0) and it succeeded.

so now the problem is to confirm if there will be serial break problem (if terminal servers
send BREAK at inopportune times) ? that testing process looks dreadful ;/

I don't know if i can count on this... since the ASM has been working fine with Polycentre, is it
likely that there won't be serial break problem with conserver?

other than the serial break question, conserver seems working fine with ASM.



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