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RE: questions on log scrolling and user permission

Zonker Harris Zonker.Harris@bigbandnet.com
Mon, 18 Jul 2005 10:24:28 -0700 (PDT)

  On question #2...

    It is useful for conserver to *NOT* try to interact with the
    host (to escape from a root login) if a user changes their
    'write' privs in conserver...

    Consider the scenario of a junior admin, debugging a problem.
    He can find the trouble, but not fix it...so, he contacts a
    senior admin...she gets on the console, bumps the junior,
    logs into root, and then can release the session back to
    the junior (she enters 'spy mode' and conserver reverts
    control to the previous user). The senior can watch, and
    can advise the junior by phone, and she can ensure that the 
    junior logs out of root access when he is done.

    In normal operation, the attached host never knows when the
    conserver client sessions connect, disconnect, or change control.
    (So, it would be difficult for the attached host to log out of
    root access when a conserver client changes...)


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Subject: questions on log scrolling and user permission

hello, all

I have two questions. 

1. can i do scroll back in a console more than 20/60 lines? 
I found a feature request 2 years ago

giving user permission on this console log is not doable as the log belong to root and the user
may not have root previlege.

I find that if user A trying to connect to a console while user B is already connected and logon
to the console, say as root, user A can bump user B off to spy mode and becomes whatever the user
B was, root in this case. should this behaviour be expected in conserver ? i would expect that
user B would be able to bump user A off and is asked to login to the console.
both user A and B have rw permission on this console.