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Conserver 8.x on Solaris 8...

William Charles william.charles@db.com
Wed, 12 May 2004 22:12:04 -0700 (PDT)


Before I spend too much time tracking this down, has anyone seen the following behaviour before? I'm using Conserver 8.1.5 on a Solaris 8 host connecting to several terminal servers via TCP. Every five minutes each Conserver daemon wakes up and reports the following for each console in its group... The same behaviour has been observed with older versions of Conserver 8...

      [Thu May 13 15:01:29 2004] conserver (5783): ERROR: [scholes] read failure
      [Thu May 13 15:01:29 2004] conserver (5783): [scholes] automatic reinitialization

A quick truss of the daemon shows that poll() is indicating 'ready to read' on a file descriptor, but that the following read() returns zero bytes. And this is flagged as an error by Conserver?

      poll(0xFFBEF738, 17, 9000)                      = 1
              fd=3  ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=6  ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=8  ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=10 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=12 ev=POLLOUT rev=0
              fd=14 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=POLLRDNORM
              fd=16 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=18 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=20 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=22 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=24 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=26 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=28 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=30 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=32 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=34 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
              fd=36 ev=POLLRDNORM rev=0
      read(14, 0xFFBEF078, 1024)                      = 0


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