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Re: Some info on, and a question about breaks

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Thu, 8 Jul 2004 16:32:54 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 02:19:50PM -0700, Phil Dibowitz wrote:
> So then I tried "\\r~\\z" but that does the same thing. How do I send
> a serial break when I'm using an ssh tunnel from conserver to the
> cyclades?

well, this is a total guess, but openssh (v2) apparently has a '~B'
sequence that should trigger a break on the other side of the
connection.  so, i'd try that.  the openssh manpage makes it sound like
many things could make it fail, so cross your fingers.

good luck!  and if you get it to work, it would be nice to record it on
the list.