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conserver-8.0.1 is available

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Mon, 29 Sep 2003 09:01:02 -0700 (PDT)

This release is a mix of important bug fixes (if you're using 8.0.0,
please upgrade to 8.0.1), an added feature, and some slight adjustments
to existing code.

The new feature is the addition of an 'initcmd' console directive.  When
a console is brought up, the command is run (with it's I/O redirected to
the console).  This allows you to authenticate to terminal servers,
initialize devices, or anything else.  A version of the chat program was
contributed and (see contrib/chat) to work with this new feature.

I hope everyone enjoys the new code and please let me know if you see
any problems.  Here is the detailed list of changes:

version 8.0.1 (Sep 29, 2003):
	- fixed bug in access list parsing where multiple addresses per
	  line can cause errors - reported by Jay McCanta
	- changed client password prompt to show hostname passed down by
	  the server - suggested by Toby Gerhart <toby.gerhart@eds.com>
	- fixed bug where remote console names were only search for
	  substring matches - reported by Toby Gerhart
	- the server -M option wasn't being used properly to limit the
	  consoles managed by the host
	- added 'initcmd' console option which allows a command to
	  interact with a console right after a console is opened -
	  suggested by Greg Woods <woods@weird.com>
	- added the chat program contributed by Greg Woods
	  <woods@weird.com> to the contrib/chat directory
	- added WUNTRACED to waitpid() for catching suspended processes
	- reworded some client/server messages to be clearer
	- embedded non-printable characters in break lists now display
	  correctly when '^Ecl?' is used
	- in case client aborts unexpectedly, terminal state should
	  now be restored to normal

Bryan Stansell