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Console connections won't stay up

Richard Zinar Richard.Zinar@overture.com
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 09:52:11 -0800 (PST)

I'm trying to get conserver (V7.2.6) working in our environment,
I have run into the following problem - as soon as I start conserver,
the consoles I'm using it to manage come down almost immediately:
[-- Console up -- Tue Mar 25 09:26:30 2003]
[-- Console down -- Tue Mar 25 09:26:30 2003]
I also noticed I'm unable to telnet into our console servers (e.g.,
wti10.admin.sc.p4pnet.net) while conserver is running.  I wouldn't
expect to be able to access individual ports on the console server while
conserver is controlling them, but it's not clear to me why the console
server itself should become inaccessible.
The conserver.cf file looks as follows:

   holmium   : !wti11.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2103:&.log::1
   nitrogen  : !wti11.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2104:&.log::1
   barium    : !wti11.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2105:&.log::1
   fermium   : !wti11.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2106:&.log::1
   hassium   : !wti11.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2107:&.log::1
   uranium   : !wti11.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2108:&.log::1
   terbium   : !wti11.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2109:&.log::1
   thurium   : !wti11.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2110:&.log::1
   cerium    : !wti11.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2111:&.log::1
   brie      : !wti10.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2103:&.log::1
   radon     : !wti10.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2104:&.log::1
   cheddar   : !wti10.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2105:&.log::1
   edam      : !wti10.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2107:&.log::1
   titanium  : !wti10.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2109:&.log::1
   beaufort  : !wti10.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2111:&.log::1
   blarney   : !wti10.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2112:&.log::1
   iridium   : !wti10.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2113:&.log::1
   tantalum  : !wti10.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2115:&.log::1
   astatine  : !wti10.admin.sc.p4pnet.net :2116:&.log::1
Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?  The console
servers are WTI CMS-16 units.  Thanks ...