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Re: Conserver + RSC ports?

Trevor Fiatal trevor@seven.com
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 13:34:54 -0800 (PST)

Nicholas Penney wrote:
> I am currently running conserver version 7.2.2 utilising several Perle
> CS9000's for a whole bunch of assorted Sun servers.
> I was wondering if anyone has successfully set up conserver to use the RSC
> ports thta are available on newer sun harware (such as V800's)?  If so,
> could you give me an example on how to set this up from your conserver.cf
> file?

We are using conserver to manage the serial ports on our RSC cards, but 
we're not doing anything particularly interesting with them.  We treat 
them as regular console ports, attached to Cisco 32-port async serial 
cards in 2600/3600 chassis.  It would be nice if we had a script which 
would automatically log in to the RSC card and switch to the redirected 
console connection, but it hasn't been enough of an annoyance to 
actually automate the process.

Were you, perhaps, referring to the use of conserver to manage each RSC 
card like a single-port console server, via telnet?


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