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Reconnect causes slowdown in 7.2.1

Aaron Burt aaron@osdl.org
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 16:22:43 -0800 (PST)

Well, I'd been trying for quite a while to find the cause of random
slowdowns on some (but not all) of my console connections.

The slowness is in the response time of console connections.  This
includes things like the time it takes to make the initial connection
(time from typing "console dev4-001" to getting a "[Enter `^Ec?' for
help]") or, once you're connected, from hitting a key and getting a
response from the machine you're connected to.

The slowness affects all 16 consoles managed by a given Conserver process.

What I found was that if a terminal server was rejecting reverse-telnet
connections on even one port managed by a Conserver process, it'd slow 'em
all down.

Now the reinit wasn't happening immediately.  It'd be attempted every
few seconds, so the load should be negligible.  And it didn't seem to bog
the rest of the host down, just that one Conserver process.

So, is this problem addressed by the reinit changes in 7.2.3?

Or does the sleep in the reinit loop hold up the whole Conserver process?

Thanks in advance,
  Aaron Burt
  Open Source Development Lab