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open client key

Christopher Fowler cfowler@outpostsentinel.com
Mon, 28 Apr 2003 07:38:00 -0700 (PDT)

[cfowler@cfowler console]$ ./console -c ../contrib/client.pem -M -l root P2
console: Encryption required by server for login

when I do an strace, I never see an attempt to open the client.pem file.
Am I missing something?  

On the server,
[root@cas8]# /sbin/conserver -b783 -c /etc/server.pem 
conserver (96): conserver.com version 7.2.5
conserver (96): Started as `root' by `root' at Mon Apr 28 10:32:17 2003
Enter PEM pass phrase:

I did not generate the key right because I can not enter the PEM
passphrase everytime it is started.