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Re: Hangup command

Brandon Saunders brandon.a.saunders.1@ohio.edu
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 12:01:20 -0700 (PDT)

I have finally gotten back around to this problem.  Thanks to those who 
responded to my original message, the comments were helpful.

I have found that the open and close will work, but only if I manually set 
the hupcl option with stty.  Conserv appears to be rewriting the stty 
config on each open and does not set hupcl.  Does anyone have any 
suggestions for making that change permanent?

Thank You

Brandon Saunders
Senior Network Engineer
Ohio University Communication Network Services
Email: brandon.a.saunders.1@ohiou.edu

--On Friday, February 14, 2003 04:55:33 PM -0500 "Greg A. Woods" 
<woods@weird.com> wrote:

> [ On Friday, February 14, 2003 at 16:15:03 (-0500), Brandon Saunders
> wrote: ]
>> Subject: Hangup command
>> I have a piece of telephone equipment that I have hooked up to my
>> conserver  which needs conserver to close (hangup) the serial interface
>> when the user  logs out.
> You probably can't easily do it automatically, but yes from the console
> client you can "down a console" (^Ecd).  IIRC that should close the TTY.
> When someone re-connects I think they'll have to "(re)open the tty and
> log file" too of course...
>>  I have scoured through the man pages and cannot find anything.
>> I have tried sending the down command and then re-opening the
>> connection,  but that is not producing the signaling needed by the
>> device to terminate  the shell that it operates.
> Well in that case you have a problem with the (default?) STTY settings
> for the port and/or hardware wiring for that port.  Does it work
> correctly if you kill conserver and then use "cu" to connect to the port?
> Closing a TTY on a unix-like system will normally do the right thing,
> assuming the port is configured properly and the wiring is done
> correctly.
> On some unix-like systems, such as NetBSD, it's important to have the
> correct default TTY flags set for the port on system boot in order to
> ensure the correct signalling will be generated by the tty driver.  See
> ttyflags(8) and ttys(5) on a NetBSD system, for example.
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