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Re: Automatic reinitialization, revisited

bryan bryan@conserver.com
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 08:58:43 -0700 (PDT)

Quoting Steve Lammert <slammert@panasas.com>:
> A simple conserver.cf entry of the form:
>      beta2-5-1:/dev/ttyCd6:9600p:&:
> produces a string of error messages in /var/log/conserver of the form:
>      conserver (6804): beta2-5-1: exit(3) [Mon Oct 14 21:51:39 2002]
>      conserver (6804): beta2-5-1: automatic reinitialization [Mon Oct 14

that's bizarre.  the "exit(3)" indicates that conserver thinks the console
type is a program ("|blah" syntax) instead of a device file ("/blah" syntax).
you're really getting these?  something is just very wrong, if so.  something
you can do is run conserver with the -D flag (redirect things to a file) and
then kill it after it's tried to start up.  that will dump the internal tables
and we can look and see what the console types are set to, what the path names
are, etc.  could be something is getting munched when it's reading the config
file.  or something else bad is happening.

whatever the case, the error and the console specifications just don't match,
so something very wrong is happening (which could explain the lack of