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regex in conserver.passwd

Patenko, Vladislav vp@goldentele.com
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 07:27:06 -0800 (PST)


  I've console server with ~70 consoles. I could divide all of this consoles
into several group by name. For example, I've consoles mer1_lan, mer2_lan,
mer3_lan, mer1_con, mer2_con, mer3_con. (*_lan - first group, *_con - second

  And, I would like to control user access to each of this groups. I know I
should use conserver.passwd for this puprose. But, if I want to write
conserver.passwd for this case, I have 10 lines for users and about 30
consoles per user. As for me, the best choice to use regex for console names
in conserver.passwd.

 As I know, conserver doesn't support regexp in conserver.passwd . 

 Now I use small patch for using regex in passwd file (in attachment), so my
conserver.passwd like to:

vlad:*passwd*: .*_lan .*_con sun_e450 sun_ultra
nick:*passwd*: .*_con

 Is it possible to apply this patch to next version of conserver or develop
another decision similar to this ?
 This patch used on FreeBSD4.5 .

Vlad Patenko