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Re: Sun Pin-outs

Shal Halka shal_halka@hotmail.com
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 21:27:48 -0700 (PDT)

Netra X1, t1 Model 105/AC200/DC200:
These Netras have RJ-45 connectors for serial ports. RJ45 Connector
1 - RTS
2 - DTR
3 - TXD
4 - REF (GND)
5 - REF (GND)
6 - RXD
7 - DSR
8 - CTS

These machines have no DCD line on their serial ports, so you can not run a 
modem on these serial ports. Don't waste your time trying to make it work.

On the Netra X1, Port A LOM is dedicated to the Lights Out Management (LOM) 
device in the server.
Sun has more good information on this machine's serial ports in the Netra X1 
Server User's Guide (PDF).

Some say that the Cisco Modem RJ45 - DB25 adapter works just fine as a 
replacement for the Sun adapter with a terminal on the console port of an 
X1. It probably works well with the other systems listed in this section, 
too. The Cisco adapter is light grey, embossed with MODEM CAB-5MODCM on one 
side and 29-0881-01 on the other.

Below are pinouts for a Netra RJ45 - DB25 RS232 serial converter cable, part 
number 530-2889-01 and a hand-crafted Netra RJ45 - DB9 serial cable. (There 
is also a part number 530-2889-01 which has the same pinout except that the 
RJ-45 BODY (black) is wired to RS232 pin 1 GND.)

Note that these are wired DCE. If you use the supplied Netra RJ-45 to DB25 
RS232 adapter, you get a null-modem cable, suitable for a terminal 
connection. (The webmistress has received conflicting information on the 
supplied Netra adapter. Verify your pinout before you rely on it.)

Netra        Sun serial DB25              Netra              DB9 adapter
RJ-45        RS-232 adapter               RJ-45              RS-232 Pin
Pin          part # 530-2889-01           Pin                (make your
                                                              own cable)
------    ------------------           --------------     ------------
1 (RTS) blue   --- 5  (CTS)            1 (RTS) blue   --- 8 (CTS)
2 (DTR) orange --- 6  (DSR)            2 (DTR) orange --- 6 (DSR)
3 (TXD) black  --- 3  (RXD)            3 (TXD) black  --- 2 (RXD)
4 (GND) red    --- 7  (GND)            4 (GND) red    --- 5 (GND)
5 (GND) green  --- 7  (GND)            5 (GND) green  --- 5 (GND)
6 (RXD) yellow --- 2  (TXD)            6 (RXD) yellow --- 3 (TXD)
7 (DSR) brown  --- 20 (DTR)            7 (DSR) brown  --- 4 (DTR)
8 (CTS) gray   --- 4  (RTS)            8 (CTS) gray   --- 7 (RTS)

If you want to connect the serial port to the terminal server's (or other 
device) rj45, you need a cable I call a rollover.. ie your 8 pinout colours 
get reversed on the other side, as opposed to an ether which remains the 

Hope this helps,


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