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Compilation on HP-UX 11i using GCC 3.02

Morris, Adam AMorris@providence.org
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 10:24:52 -0800 (PST)

	I'm currently trying to compile conserver on HP-UX 11i using GCC
3.02.  So far I have found :-

maxfiles() defined while maxfiles is defined as a constant on the system.
I've renamed maxfiles() throughout conserver.

TELCMD_OK(), TELCMD(), TELOPT_OK() and TELOPT() used but not defined.  I've
checked a Linux box and added the equivalents from
/usr/include/arpa/telnet.h into a local conserver_telnet.h

Differences in locations of the select definition (sys/select.h in conserver
and sys/time.h on HP-UX)

__builtin_va_start is an "unsatisfied symbol" in group.o.

There are also minor differences to types of arguments to various network
function calls (socklen_t * compared to int *)... These are only warnings
though so we can probably ignore them.

	I'm currently working on fixing the __builtin_va_start problem, the
rest have already been fixed.  If I can get it compiled who should I send
patches to?  bryan@conserver.com?  The patches are not likely to be
guaranteed to test for hp-ux though, so they will not be perfect.  Some of
them (maxfiles -> conserver_maxfiles for example) shouldn't be a problem on
other systems.  Any suggestions/comments from anyone?


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