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Xyplex MAXserver 1620 questions

stoffel stoffel@lucent.com
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 12:39:45 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

I'm working setup a Xyplex MAXserver 1620, 20 port serial port
terminal server for use with conserver 7.2.2.  I've managed to do the
basic configuration on the MAXserver, and it's on the network and I
can telnet to various ports and access system consoles by hand, but
with some problems.

1. The spacebar doesn't work, at all.

2. When I hit return, I get two carriage returns and/or two prompts.

I've been playing with the settings and looking at the docs I found on
the net for "Configuring MX Access Server ports for Attached Console
Devices", but it hasn't helped here.

I'm talking to a Sun E4000 on port 1.  Here's the status of the port
from the Xyplex:

  Xyplex>> show port 1

  Port 1:  (Remote)                            01 Jan 1986  00:35:47

  Character Size:            8           Input Speed:        9600
  Flow Control:           None           Output Speed:       9600
  Parity:                 None           Modem Control:  Disabled
  Access:               Remote           Local Switch:       None
  Backwards Switch:       None           Name:             PORT_1
  Break:                 Local           Session Limit:         4
  Break Length:          250ms           Type:               Soft
  Forwards Switch:        None
  CCL Modem Speaker: Inaudible           CCL Name:           None
  Dialout Action:       Logout
  APD Authentication
  Interactive Only:   Disabled

  Preferred Service: None

  Authorized Groups: 0
  (Current)  Groups: 0

  Enabled Characteristics:
  Autoprompt,  Input Flow Control,  Internet Connections,  Loss Notification,
  Message Codes,  Noloss,  Output Flow Control,  ULI,  Verification

I've fiddled with various Flow Control and Modem Control settings to
no avail.  Could it be a problem with the serial cables/connectors
that I'm using?  The fact that I'm seeing data without any problems
suggests no, but not having "space" or other characters is wierd.

Has anyone else gotten this type of terminal server to work properly?  

   John Stoffel - Senior Unix Systems Administrator - Lucent Technologies
	 stoffel@lucent.com - http://www.lucent.com - 978-399-0479