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Re: ttymon cannot allocate controlling tty on "/dev/console"

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Sun, 20 May 2001 08:47:05 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, May 20, 2001 at 10:10:29AM -0400, Michael Galloway wrote:
> good day all ....
> i've got a solaris box that was working fine with my conserver setup. sun
> asked me to apply some patches and now i get this when i try to get a console
> session:
> basswood:~ # console -u | grep hydra
>  hydra                      up   <none>
> basswood:~ # console hydra
> [Enter `^Ec?' for help]
> hydra-1.lsd.ornl.gov console login: mgx
> Warning -- ttymon cannot allocate controlling tty on "/dev/console",
>            there may be another session active on this port.
> it was working fine before i started this patch marathon. 

I don't think it's a conserver issue.  I took at peak at sunsolve and
there are a lot of bugs (mostly old) with this message that refer to
CDE.  Do you have CDE running on the box?  You didn't mention what
version of solaris, but I'd expect you have an old patch or conflicting
patch or something.  I'd get back in touch with sun and share the error
and have them research which patch broke things.  And if you don't have
any CDE bits running (as daemons or temporarily in /etc/rc*.d), then
I'm personally out of ideas.  But, it really sounds like a sun bug of
some sort - once you start passing characters back and forth with
conserver, it's out of the way.  In other words, you should see the
same error if you hooked up a dumb terminal to the machine and tried to
log in.

Good luck!