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Re: checking passwords

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Wed, 2 May 2001 09:34:34 -0700 (PDT)

Hmmm...I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, but you should be able to 
have the password be "*passwd*" instead of the hash and it will look up the 
password using library calls just like other apps...so, you just need to have


and so on (user1 through user3 should be replaced with real names...other 
things are literal).  I *think* that will fix the problem - or at least get 
around it.  Sounds like there's probably something else going on as well.

And, yes, if you put in a username and a has in the conserver.passwd file it 
will only use that and not check the real password file for being a valid 
user...that way you can set up a conserver host with a few admin accounts and a 
slew of conserver accounts so non-admins can access consoles.

Anyway, if that helps at all, cool.  If not, can you send some more info, like 
the exact setup of all things (linux, conserver, the conserver config files, 
etc)?  A lot of info, I know, but I'm not sure what, exactly, the problem is - 
maybe I'm just being dense.


Quoting Ernie Oporto <Ernie.Oporto@viragelogic.com>:
> I have a Red Hat 7.1 machine that seems like it is not really reading
> the
> conserver.passwd file to check users.  I have placed my username and
> hash in
> that passwd file, which works on my machine running conserver, but not
> on my
> colleague's machine, set up just the same way.  It seems to bring out
> that
> conserver is not checking the passwd file for fake usernames, since I
> have
> no user named cheeseblintzes. =)
> [root@racoon /root]# console -l eoporto pumpkin
> Enter eoporto's password:
> console: pumpkin: Sorry.
> [root@racoon /root]# console -l cheeseblintzes host
> console: console: server host not found
> [root@racoon /root]# console -l cheeseblintzes pumpkin
> Enter cheeseblintzes's password:
> console: pumpkin: Sorry.
> The log file claims it is a bad password...
> tail /var/log/conserver.log
> conserver: pumpkin: tamale@: bad passwd
> conserver: pumpkin: someone@: bad passwd
> conserver: pumpkin: cheeseblintzes@: bad passwd
> conserver: pumpkin: eoporto@: bad passwd
> ...yet that is the hash from my /etc/shadow file.
> Is there any way for conserve to set the initial password instead of
> doing
> the cut and paste?
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