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7.1.0 released

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 17:05:26 -0700 (PDT)

Hello all!

We'll, I'm finally packaging up version 7.1.0.  There are two important
things to realize about this version.  First, there have been a lot of
changes, enhancements, and a couple bug fixes (some very cool stuff -
check out the list below).  Second, to upgrade, you *must* upgrade both
the client and server - this version is not backward compatible with
previous versions.  I hated to do that, but it was necessary since
there were some fairly nasty bugs that couldn't be fixed without it.
Here's the info about upgrading from the INSTALL file:

	- The client/server protocol has changed.  You *MUST* use a
	  7.1.0 client with a 7.1.0 and above server.  A 7.1.0 client
	  is *not* backward compatible with a pre-7.1.0 server.

	- Some of the flags in the client (-d, -D, and -r) and server
	  (-n) have been given new identities to make the client and
	  server flags more uniform.

	- The conserver.passwd file now uses the first username match
	  to determine access rights - if you have multiple instances
	  of a username in an existing password file, they must be
	  combined into one to continue to work.

Here's a list of systems that have been known to successfully compile
conserver 7.1.0:

	- Solaris 2.5.1 thru 8 (sparc/x86), gcc
	- BSDI 3.X, gcc
	- MacOS X
	- Linux 2.2.18 (x86), gcc
	- Linux 2.4.2 (x86), gcc
	- FreeBSD 4.2 (x86), gcc
	- cygwin (w2k),gcc 2.95.3
	- DEC Tru64 4.0, gcc
	- DEC Tru64 4.0/5.1, DEC cc
	- HP-UX 10.20, gcc

And, as always, here's the list of changes.  Enjoy!

version 7.1.0 (Jul 26, 2001):
	- Hostname in access list that began with a digit was treated as
	  an IP address - only strings using [0-9./] are considered CIDR
	  notation and they must be of the form a.b.c.d[/n]
	- Fixed SIGHUP always opening logfile(-L) - shouldn't without -d
	- Fixed 'make install' problem under MacOS X and cygwin
	- Client -l option totally broken in 7.0.3 - patch by Daniel E.
	  Singer <des@cs.duke.edu>
	- Client now accepts IP addresses from server and server now sends
	  the IP of the socket instead of its hostname to the client,
	  fixing part of the multi-interface problem
	- Client no longer passes hostname to server along with username
	- Client now turns off IEXTEN so stuff like ^V passes through
	- Server now pauses one second when reopening a TCP-based console
	  to give the terminal server a chance to clean up
	- Master server process now fork()s when accepting clients
	- timestamp-spec can be numeric only ('m' default)
	- Ambiguous console name error now shows ambiguous list
	- Console list in conserver.passwd can now have whitespace
	- Access lists in conserver.cf can now use ',' as a separator
	- Added special '*any*' username in conserver.passwd
	- Username match (real or '*any*') now stops conserver.passwd file
	  processing - allowing you to lock out users
	- Added -u flag to server to enable "unloved" output - this is the
	  opposite of the old -n flag, which now does nothing
	- Added -7 flag to client and server for stripping the high bit
	  of data on either side (--disable-8bit removed)
	- Added -b to server to specify the base port number for the
	  secondary communication channel - based on code from Enrik
	  Berkhan <Enrik.Berkhan@planb.de>
	- Changed -d and -D flags to -r and -R in client - now -D enables
	  debugging mode in the client (and -d is unused)
	- Changed -r to -G in client so -r could be used for the above
	- Client now uses getpassphrase() (if available) for > 8 char
	  passwords - pointed out by Gregory Bond <gnb@itga.com.au>
	- Improved signal handling
	- Improved process handling (POSIX waitpid() now necessary)
	- Significant rework of STREAMS-based pseudo-tty code
	- TCP connections ('!' config syntax) now have some Telnet protocol
	  knowledge, removing the "noise" seen when conneting to a terminal
	  server - reported by Todd Stansell <todd@stansell.org>
	- Various code and message "pretty-printing" done
	- Client and server both run in Windows (tested with Windows
	  2000) under the cygwin environment thanks to a debug-fest with
	  Emmett Hogan <hogan@gnac.com>
	- Using autoconf version 2.50
	- Man pages reworked and conserver.passwd page created by Dave
	  Stuit <djs@gnac.com> - the pain he suffered documenting
	  the program (and pointing out many of the bugs fixed above)
	  should help endless others

Bryan Stansell