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conserver 7.0.3 is available

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Thu, 5 Jul 2001 09:47:42 -0700 (PDT)

Well folks, 7.0.3 is definitely a variety pack of changes.  The only
true bug fix is the "off by 1" error that was in 7.0.2.  Everything
else is dead code removal, documentation updates (things kinda match
reality now), compatibility changes, and some VERY cool new features!
If anyone has any questions, just ask.  I hope you all enjoy it!

version 7.0.3 (Jul 5, 2001):
	- "Off by 1" bug in 7.0.2 line-oriented timestamp code fixed (extra
	  chars in logfile) reported by Matthew Cheek <cheek@mars-systems.com>
	- TODO file added to distribution
	- 'attached', 'detached', and 'bumped' actions now written to
	  console logs that have 'a' in timestamp-spec field
	- Default timestamp specification with TIMESTAMP= in .cf file
	- config file much more forgiving about whitespace in fields
	- gethostbyaddr() failures are no longer fatal
	- Added -M for server to specify the address to listen on
	- Added -p option to client and server to specify the port to
	  connect to and listen on (--with-port still sets the default)
	- Added logfile output when going into daemon mode
	    - Added --with-logfile to configure
	    - Added -L to override compile-time logfile location
	    - SIGHUP reopens this logfile as well as previous behavior
	- Run as root only restriction removed - warning now (if necessary)
	- More #defines for FreeBSD compatibility
	- Using inet_ntoa() now instead of peeking at bytes
	- Fixed up -V (and -Vv) output for client and server
	- Increased conserver.passwd read buffer (CheckPasswd())
	- Removed DO_VIRTUAL #if's - always build that code now
	- Removed ORIGINAL_CODE #if's (old non-CIDR access list parsing)
	- Changed undocumented -p option to -P in console client
	- man pages updated to reflect a little more reality

Bryan Stansell