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Line-oriented timestamps in conserver 7.0.2

Matthew Cheek cheek@mars-systems.com
Tue, 3 Jul 2001 09:55:22 -0700 (PDT)

I just upgraded from 6.15 to 7.0.2 and was looking forward to
line-oriented timestamps in the logs. I set the logging to "1l" (one-el)
to get the timestamp on every line of console output. However, I see
some peculiar behavior with this setting. Here is a sample session with
no line-oriented timestamps from the log where I login, cat the
/etc/group file, and logout:

nova01 console login: cheek^M
Password: ^M
Last login: Mon Jul  2 16:24:36 on console^M
Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.8       Generic February 2000^M
nova01[/home/cheek] cat /etc/group^M
nova01[/home/cheek] exit^M
nova01 console login:

Here is a session where I do the same steps as above after enabling
line-oriented timestamps (1 per line) and stop/restart conserver:

[Mon Jul  2 16:24:04 2001]nova01 console login: p^?{^A^?{^C^?{ coheek^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:30 2001]Password: ^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:36 2001]eLast login: Mon Jul  2 16:11:18 on console^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:36 2001]Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.8      
Generic Februa
ry 2000^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:41 2001]nova01[/home/cheek] c1a1t1
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:42 2001]0root::0:root^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]other::1:^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]bin::2:root,bin,daemon^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]sys::3:root,bin,sys,adm^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]adm::4:root,adm,daemon^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]uucp::5:root,uucp^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]maiol::6:root^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]tty::7:root,tty,adm^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]lp::8:root,lp,adm^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]nuucp::9:root,nuucp^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]staff::10:^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]daemon::1m2:root,daemon^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]sysadmin::14:^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]nobody::60001:^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]noaccess::60002:^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]nogroup::65534:^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:43 2001]nova01[/home/cheek] esxsists^M
[Mon Jul  2 16:24:44 2001]nova01 console login: 

The curious thing is my typing in the logfile. When I have 1 timestamp
per line, my command "cat /etc/group" looks like "c1a1t1
1/1e1t1c1/1g1r1o1u1p1" and my "exit" looks like "esxsists".

Anyone have any ideas?

Here is my conserver configuration:

$ conserver -V
conserver (15939): conserver.com version 7.0.2
conserver (15939): default access type `r'
conserver (15939): default escape sequence `^Ec'
conserver (15939): configuration in `/usr/local/etc/conserver.cf'
conserver (15939): password in `/usr/local/etc/conserver.passwd'
conserver (15939): pidfile in `/var/run/conserver.pid'
conserver (15939): limited to 32 groups with 16 members
conserver (15939): high-bit of data stripped (7-bit clean)
conserver (15939): on port 782

Note that I originally compiled conserver with 8bit on and saw the exact
same behavior. (I tried recompiling with 8bit off hoping this was the
problem. :-)

Matthew Cheek          | Medical Archival Systems, Inc. (A/K/A MARS)
Systems Analyst III    | 1370 Beulah Road | Pittsburgh, PA 15235-5084
cheek@mars-systems.com | v:  412-473-6565 | f:  412-473-6538