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conserver-8.1.19 is available

Bryan Stansell bryan@conserver.com
Thu, 26 Sep 2013 18:19:20 GMT

For everyone still on the mailing list - hello!  No announcements for
almost 3 years here - that's either a sign of stability (things have
been fairly stable), or just my own laziness ("life" did take priority).

Regardless, there's a new release - and while there are tweaks and a
couple bug fixes, there's one big addition that's aimed at being a
"catch all" for folks who want to tie in power management or any other
scripted activity (like unwedging a terminal server port): server-side

As always, let me know (ideally on the mailing list, so others see it
too) any issues or ideas.  Patches are always good too.  ;-)


version 8.1.19 (Sep 26, 2013):
	- prevent select/read loop when EOF on non-pty input (console) -
	  reported by Chris Marget <chris@marget.com>
	- "!" syntax prefixing use of group names not honored - reported by
	  Zonker <consoleteam@gmail.com>
	- fixed memory leak using timestamps - patch by Karvendhan M.
	- deprecated --with-cycladests (noop now) - cross-compilation should
	  work without it as autologin now expects setpgrp() to take two
	  arugments instead of testing for it
	- no automatic checks for an empty password when using PAM
	  authentication - based on discussion with Ryan Kirkpatrick
	- added 'sslcacertificatefile' and 'sslcacertificatepath' client
	  configuration options - based on patch by Aki Tuomi <cmouse@cmouse.fi>
	- added 'sslcacertificatefile' and 'sslreqclientcert' server
	  configuration options
	- added --with-req-server-cert to force clients to require a certificate
	  from the server when using SSL - based on emails with Thor Simon
	- added server-side tasks (see conserver.cf man page) that are invoked
	  by the client (useful for things like IPMI-based power control of
	  servers, invoking resets of terminal server ports, or anything else
	  that requires scripting) - ideas from patch by Anton Lundin
	  <glance@acc.umu.se> and discussion on mailing list (2011)
	- added 'confirm' option to break sequences
	- added 'breaklist' option to limit exposure of break sequences to
	- sending of break signals is now announced to all attached clients

Bryan Stansell