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This page is a secondary repository for files related to the BlueConsole website, with the permission of the father of the products, Larry Cooke.

I found that the main BlueConsole website was offline in May 2008. I don't know how long it has been off-line. While you can expect the URLs here to fail, I have 'local' URLs for the document files and firmware on this website. I expect that Larry has sold his last units, so don't expect the commerce links to work. But, if you can find any on eBay, or via other means, the rest of these links may prove useful. -Zonker-

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BlueConsole Features

Product Documentation

  • BlueConsole2 Data Sheet (PDF)
  • BlueConsole2 Users Manual, v1.6.5 May 2007 (PDF)
  • BlueConsole Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
  • Competitive Comparison (PDF)
BlueConsole DB9

Utilities and Firmware

Application Notes

  • Configuring BlueConsole from the Command Line (PDF)
  • Sending an RS-232 <BREAK> (PDF)
  • Bluetooth SPP Repeater Mode (PDF)
    • Bluetooth Repeate Firmware, v3.2 (ZIP)
  • MultiPoint Forwarding Mode (PDF)
    • MultiPoint Flash Firmware, v3.7 (ZIP)
BlueConsole RJ45

    Serial Port Terminal Emulation Applications

  • WinXP / Vista: TeraTerm Pro (website)
  • WinXP: Bill-Redirect TCPIP to Serial Port Redirector (website) (notes)
  • Apple Mac: ZTerm (website)
  • Windows Mobile: PocketTTY (website)
  • Windows Mobile: mToken Lite (website)
  • Windows Mobile: VxHPC (website)
  • Palm/Treo: TriConnect (website)
  • BlackBerry: MobileSSH (website)

I used the free version of TriConnect software using a Treo650. I found that the 'return' key sent two new-line characters, which made it nearly impossible to log into devices. I sent email to ask if the for-pay version suffered from the same trouble, but I never got a response from them. Your mileage may vary. -Z-)

Bluetooth-comm diagram


30 June 2007 - BlueConsole Releases New Hardware and Software Features
BlueConsole announces support for several new features on our Bluetooth Serial Adapter Products.  Support has been added for both the SPP and DUN Bluetooth profiles on all BlueConsole products.  The DUN profile is useful for Bluetooth TCP-IP/Internet Access through a Serial Port.  We also released two hardware enhancements on all shipping DB9 Adapter products:  RS232 support for up to 230Kbs, and LEDs for Monitoring RS232 Tx, Rx, and Bluetooth Connection Status.

22 January 2007 - BlueConsole Introduces "Bluetooth SPP Repeater" Function
BlueConsole releases firmware to support a "Bluetooth Repeater" function on BlueConsole2 products.  Repeater mode allows customers to extend the operating distance of a standard Class 1 Bluetooth connection using a totally self-contained battery-powered Bluetooth Repeater.  Use cases include a Bluetooth Repeater extension between two PC/PDA devices, extending the Bluetooth distance from a PC/PDA to an RS232 device, or extending the distance of two BlueConsole adapters configured for Cable Replacement.  See the Application Note: "Bluetooth Repeater" for more details.

7 December 2006 - BlueConsole Releases a DB9 Product Offering
BlueConsole announces a direct DB9 version of the popular BlueConsole2 inline powered Bluetooth Serial Adapter.  This new product shares the same features and benefits as the original BlueConsole2 with a standard DB9 RS232 connection.  BlueConsole2 is the smallest Bluetooth Serial Adapter on the market and the only one which can power itself from existing RS232 hardware handshaking leads.  It can also optionally obtain power from Pin 9 or from a direct 9V battery connection.

21 September 2006 - BlueConsole becomes the only Bluetooth Serial Adapter with RS232 <BREAK> Support
BlueConsole announces version 3.7 firmware for Blueconsole & BlueConsole2.  This firmware provides the ability to transmit a <BREAK> sequence to your RS232 device.  <BREAK> is often used to interrupt an RS232 device for the purpose of password recovery or loading new settings.  BlueConsole is the only Bluetooth Serial Adapter that provides RS232 <BREAK> support.  See the Application Note: Sending an RS232 <BREAK> for more details.

1 September 2006 - BlueConsole Introduces GUI Config Utility
BlueConsole announces a new Windows GUI Config Utility.  This utility can be used to Read or Write configuration settings to BlueConsole such as Baud Rate, PIN Code, Discoverability, Device Name, etc.  It can also be used to restore BlueConsole to factory default settings.  Customers can now configure BlueConsole parameters either from the command line or from this more convenient graphical interface.  Configuration can be performed via a directly connected COM port, or over a Bluetooth radio connection.

22 August 2006 - MultiPoint Forwarding Feature Introduced
BlueConsole announces new flash firmware which permits MultiPoint Forwarding.  With this feature, up to 7 Client devices can be simultaneously connected to BlueConsole and all interact with the RS232 device.  BlueConsole is the only Bluetooth Serial Adapter with the MultiPoint Forwarding feature.  See the MultiPoint Forwarding Application Note for further details.

26 June 2006 - Network World Review gives BlueConsole2  4.5 Stars:
Network World featured a review of BlueConsole2 in their June 26, 2006 issue. "BlueConsole2 is especially cool because it draws power from the serial port, which means you don't need a power brick."  One correction is that the article refers to Bluetooth range as 30 feet.  While true for a small cell phone, BlueConsole2 is actually a Class 1 Bluetooth device with up to 100m unobstructed range.
See the review here:

21 June 2006 - BlueConsole2 Released:
BlueConsole introduces the second generation Line Powered Bluetooth Serial adapter - BlueConsole2.  Building upon the success of the original model, BlueConsole2 features both smaller size and lower power operation.  BlueConsole2 is 25% smaller and 25% lower power than the original BlueConsole.  BlueConsole2 is the only totally wireless Bluetooth serial adapter powered directly from RS232 handshaking leads, without the need for AC adapters, batteries, or special Pin 9 custom power.

18 May 2006 - Network World Reviews BlueConsole:
Network World correspondent Joel Snyder reviews two Bluetooth Serial adapters.  The first reviewed product requires a "power brick".   "An astute observer might notice this is not exactly wireless" Joel says.   He then reviews a true wireless serial adapter, BlueConsole.  "... very slick ... more elegant ... definitely a cool tool."  After using his Apple MacBook, Joel even accesses a serial device from his Nokia cell phone with BlueConsole. Watch the entire Network World video review here (includes a brief NW advertisement):

28 January 2006 - BlueConsole Released:
BlueConsole announces the first and only "line powered" Bluetooth Serial solution.  Eliminating the need for serial cables, AC power bricks, or batteries, BlueConsole obtains power directly from the existing RS232 handshaking leads.  Its small size and flexible connection options make it a must have tool for engineers that work with telecommunications, medical, industrial, or other RS232 equipment.


Customized OEM Solutions

BlueConsole offers customized solutions for OEM customers.


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